What is Shift2012?

Shift 2012 is a semi-collaborative Sci-Fi/Fantasy World designed for storytelling/roleplaying in a variety of landscapes. SteamPunk, CyberPunk, High Biotech and Medieval Fantasy are woven together over a number of epochs to provide a cycling alternative history and future that invites the reader to entertain the notions of Atlantean myths, alternative physics, conspiracy theories and a number of other fringe concepts as though nearly every one of them is true.

The "Shift" of 2012 is one of the mind of mankind: December 23rd, 2012 passes with little media fanfare but the giant clockwork of the universe has reached an apex as millions of smaller events have caused a turning point on our little planet. The minds of too many humans have been opened and we cannot continue in our current form. The planet has risked much in trying to create a new collective consciousness and the labor period is about to finally pay off with the birth of a harmonious civilization ...but nothing lasts forever.


One small step for Tesla... One Giant leap of imagination! (Or a very small one depending on your opinion) By pouring over the "alternative" theories in physics, we've found one pillar of science that, once shaken, can open up a vast new world of physics that seems very nearly possible. Additionally, we call upon the field of "Memetics" as an explanation of mind and broaden the definition of mediums which can house consciousness. Combining this with "Aether" physics we thereby presume consciousness as a ubiquitous force of the universe and therefore a medium of spirit and magic.

Featuring: An extremely detailed system of alternative "Aether" physics. Various systems of Utopian governance. Eugenics, memetics and a host of other controversial and ground-breaking new and old philosophies, sciences and speculations on the nature of reality and the human role in it.

About Us

The purpose of Shift2012 is to create an extremely intricate and provable SciFi/Fantasy World that explains all supernatural phenomenon from a viewpoint primarily supported by modern physics and other areas of science with only a few minor alterations. We borrow from alternative theories and protoscience to explain the natural world as well as a world in which magic, spirits and other supernatural phenomena are broken down to exacting mechanisms supported by science. The result is a world which is immersive and interesting which tantalizes the imagination with the possibility that the world we describe could be real.

How Do We Accomplish It?

With one minor change to history. In the dimention of Shift2012, Einstien's theories were wrong. The special and general theory of relativity is so intricately and inextricably woven into modern science that this one alteration opens up an entirely new world. By falling back on theories developed in the 1800s we consctruct a world that is identical to our own with new possibilities for the explanation of physical phenomena. With these new explanations come new possibilities. Into this opening we have poured creativity to create a skeleton of world in which more is possible but everything is still intuitive and explicable.

Deus Ex Machina

In the year 2012, there is a subtle shift in the way the universe works because alignment of the galaxy. This brings about an alignment of human consciousness with spirit world. The shift is so subtle that the world at large is unaware that anything has happened. However, some few are able to commune with spirits far better. With a better understanding of the world, more control is granted and magic is reborn.

Story: Antagonists and Protagonists

Shift 2012 is our current world from a conspiracy theory viewpoint. The antagonists are the mega-corporations and the men behind the curtain. The protagonists are those in the know who are working to awaken the masses to the understanding that they are enslaved. The protagonists are labelled a threat to the state and marked as terorists. As terrorists they are hunted down mercilessly and given no rights as per the "Patriot Act". Additionally, spirits which exist on the network of human minds are actively working to keep mankind ignorant and enslaved as "hardware" for their existence. Other spirits which exist on the same network as well as within nature are working to free mankind. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12

Basic Principles

To make this world possible, a basic wordview must be constructed which is internally consistent. For this purpose we combine the concepts of aether theory, memetics, and distributed computing to create a world in which all things are broken down to information and mind(s) are the basic force of the universe. Mind is spirit.

1) The universe is made from two basic elements: aether and motion. Akasha and Prana.
2) All matter is made from vortices of vortices of aether.
3) Any system which changes and records those changes is a form of memory and can be a mind. Those things which cycle have experience.
4) The universe is an incomprehesible clockwork mechanism of ineffible complexity. With knowledge and understanding, some mastery is gained. Because of the butterfly effect, the smallest thing changes the very largest over large enough time scales.
4a) Free will only exists within the ability to predict. It is domain related. Viewed from a higher domain free will is an illusion.
5) The universe is fractal. (As above, so below)
6) Minds are simply data with relationships. Ideas are meta-data. Meta-data arises from complexity of interaction. Minds are ideas. Minds are Memes.
7) Every atom is an individual mind with an experience.
8) Almost all minds are made up of smaller minds. Smaller minds which interact always create larger minds.
9) The brains of humanity are the hardware for an internet of living, changing, competing, reproducing ideas: Memes/Minds.
10) Humans are one of many systems on which minds exist. From weather to oceanic currents, configurations lead to other configurations which give rise to experience.
11) Planetary/Solar magnetospheres are a type of very large mind. Then galaxies and beyond.
12) Larger minds can hold more and predict more and thereby gain more power. More tracking of the butterfly effect.
13) Genes are a storage bank for the mind of Gaia. The Akashic library.

Historical Eras

The Great Awakening: Elements of the awakening have happened numerous times over thousands of years before 2012 but the convergence of technologies reached a critical mass in the year 2012. The awakening was precipitated by and a culmination of the efforts of "aeons" working against the "archons". This is viewed simplisticly by non-gnostics as the triumph of virtue over vice, but initiates of the new elusian mysteries are aware of the more subtle and complex war being waged. The awakening happens on two levels: individual awareness of the spirit world and the memes themselves become capable of faster thought and action through human interconnectedness.

The largest events which are most causally related to the awakening is
1) The rapid inter-human communication via the internet and mobile technology
2) The decoding of an ancient language written into the "junk" DNA of all living creatures.
3) The release of numerous Genesweep viruses. The awakening was an event that was responsible for and occurred alongside a relatively short period of upheaval and revolution. The struggle between individuality and group cooperation comes to a head. The dawning of the aquarian age was much like the birth of a child; when viewed from in-the-moment and from a certain angle it was pain and horror, but when viewed with longer sight it was a beautiful miracle.

In the years following 2012, wars begin to break out across the planet as some groups attempt to overthrow goverments. Governments react by clamping down and in the tried-and-true fashion this fans the flames of unrest. As governing bodies clash, technology becomes ever more focussed on making war. In the past, the advances in the boitech sector have not been involved in war because biological warfare can backfire too easily and is generally looked down upon. However, after the DNA language, "Zipf's Razor", has begun to be decoded, this "Akashic" library seems to be written in parts spread throughout a variety of plants and animals. For instance, electric eel DNA leads to sufficient biologically created currents to lead to the creation of rail-guns. The sequences of certain rare bacteria, viruses, plants and animals become the most sought after commodities in the world. They are also each government's greatest secrets. This knowledge causes biotechnology to far outstrip "Hard" technology almost overnight. Everything from fabrics created from spider silks to girders for buildings girders grown from "bone", the entirety of technology becomes grown. Bacteria and viruses become the forefront of nanotechnology; wires are replaced by nerves, circuits are replaced by nerve bundles. Damaged equipment heals itself.

The trend of "unmanned" warfare is augmented by the creation of war animals. Specially engineered creatures who can communicate via phermones and identify targets via scent become the staple of modern warfare. Dragons, dinosaurs, and all manner of otherworldly beasts vastly diversify the gene-pool of a world which had lost most of its species. Warfare is waged on every level of size and shape, with physical, energy and psychic weapons. Creatures are designed for the destruction of human targets, installation targets and weapon targets. Some are created to destroy every living creature they encounter.

Eventually, to quell the unrest of those working against governments, a genesweep virus is created which nearly brings an end to war by altering the oxytocin levels of all human hosts. This leads to a level of trust and bonding between humanity that makes war so abhorrent that no human can stomach it. There are those who are accidentally or purposely immune and there are those in which the virus causes the opposite effect and they become perfect evil, but overall humanity is one.

The New Renaissance: The convergence of science and religion eventually leads mankind to become their own evolutionary caretakers in harmony with different aspects of "aons" or virtues. Six and a half thousand years of peace and prosperity are gained. Humanity becomes one body with many different parts, each respecting and understanding its reliance upon the others. Complex systems of governance allow for mild competition within a cooperative background.
Eugenics leads to specialization of groups of people with cycles of sharing genes between groups. Human genes are influenced to allow humans to feel completeness in pursuing goals which benefit self and community. Mankind's goverment and entertainment flow from the "Caste games", which are complex sets of games designed to test the suitability of genetic traits. Rewards for success in the games are designed improve breeding rights.

By re-capturing control of survival-of-the-fittest and by consciously altering the rules, mankind's evolution rapidly increases. Groups begin to specialize into: Intellectuals and physicals. Subgroups arise such as Creative-int, Logic-int, Acrobatic-phys, Strength-phys, Survival-phys, Beauty-phys. The best genes from each group are seeded into each other group to improve all of humanity simultaneously.

This era is, of course, not without dissidents. There are groups which believe that the individual is paramount and that the control of breeding rights and purposeful steering of mankind's genetics will end in disaster. Some have religious conviction against "playing god" some are motivated by personal goals of power. There are areas of the world still steeped in poverty and upheaval which are denied access to advanced technology because of a "Non-interference" policy of the shining empire. The weaponized animals still dominate some areas of the planet and are allowed to develop in their own way.
There are also rumors of those who are in control behind the scenes and that humanity is still enslaved, simply in different fashion...

The Decline: Each group begins to slowly forget its connection to the other breeding groups. They focus more and more upon their own goals and the mindsets that drive those deeply and genetically motivated goals. This separation eventually becomes voluntary as each group begins to believe in the superiority of their goals. Purity of blood becomes so important that the genetic cross-seeding of past begins to be seen as watering-down the group. The "cross-breeds" are shunned by their groups and lose breeding rights. Eventually leading to complete genetic and social isolation of each of the breeding groups.
War, destruction and separation once again plagues humanity as an elite few race to preserve the past's accomplishments in hopes that the harmony of the aquarian age may dawn again. They once again use the genesweep virus technology to imbed information into the genes of all living things. They also create monoliths and religions among the "lesser" races to communicate key information down through the ages.

Authors and Editors

When adding new pages and new ideas, be certain to cite sources. Use your creative power to think of a way things might really work and then scour the internet for studies, papers and experiments which support your idea. For this to work we must have sources cited. It must be the best possible explanation which fits with the world. Visit the Notes section for ideas and areas to flesh out in this world.

Sources and Recomended Reading